Data Science-testimonials


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Himesh Misra

IBM, Bengaluru, India/Asia Pacific Leader at IBM Watson Learning


“Manipal Global Academy of Data Science (MGADS) offers a ‘balanced curriculum’ to its students, which makes it different from other courses. Today, the discipline of Computer Science is detached from reality. Many universities are still continuing with their old, outdated curriculum, which poses a huge problem for the industry while hiring. MGADS, in collaboration with the industry, is trying to bridge this talent gap with its balanced curriculum design.”



Dr. Nishant Chandra

AIG Science, Bengaluru, Data Science Leader


“We live in an era where continuous education is very important. I’m very impressed to see that Manipal Global Academy of Data Science has huge representation of experienced professionals. Data Science is industry invariant, so they can identify business challenges in their respective fields and provide sustainable and scalable solutions.”