While there are many academies promising placement assistance and show a large number of companies in the list, at MGADS we look at quality of jobs for our students. We have students who invest 9 months of their life in a rigorous training program and we expect that the job offers coming in should match their hard work. Currently the average offer accepted by our students is almost double the industry average*


We are currently in the middle of our placement season and a range of companies across industries that are building capacity in their analytics practice, as well as those corporates specialising in analytics have already shown interest to hire trained specialists. We are glad that companies like Fractal Analytics, Gramener, Shopalyst, Genpact and Deloitte have already made offers to hire MGADS students. Companies including  Zensar, Mu Sigma, Mahindra Electric, Morgan Stanley, PiRuby etc. have conveyed their interest to assess fitment for hiring.


Our key promise to recruiters is ensuring that the selected students will familiarize with the domain they will work on. The remaining full term allows us to familiarize our students with the recruiting companies’ processes in order to facilitate a smooth on-boarding and early productivity.

Manipal Global is glad to be consistently delivering its promise of Talent, Technology and Transformation!